What will you be using Hero for?

Do you want to use Hero for your own reading, or are you a teacher looking to help your students?

Hi, teacher!

We are expecting to launch Hero for Teachers in the summer. With Hero for Teachers, you'll be able to share documents with your students, so they can simplify them to their individual needs.

In the meantime, why don't you try our Personal Library, where you can upload and simplify PDF and Word documents.

Just one more thing...

You can give us your email address, and we'll inform you once Hero for Teachers is ready.


What sort of text do you need help with?

Hero can help you when you're surfing the web or when you're buried in long documents. Where do you need help first?

Get ready for a new web experience

Our Chrome extension is a small add-on to your browser. It's available whenever you meet difficult text on the web.

Just download the extension and get started!

Hero's Personal Library is just for you!

Upload PDF and Word documents to your personal Hero Library and make them easier.

Always access your simplified documents, wherever you are!