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Welcome to Hero!

In this short document, we’ll quickly introduce you to the most important features that Hero offers so you can elevate your reading to unknown levels.

Use Hero to simplify your reading

Look up to the right? See the switch turn Hero on and off? Click it to highlight difficult sentences in this document, then just click those difficult sentences to turn them into easier alternatives. That’s right, we make it simple!

Simplify your own documents

You’ve already made your way to your personal Hero Library. Congratulations! In order to use Hero with your own documents, just go back to the Library page and click the Upload button. Then you will be able to open your own documents just like you did with this one and start reading like never before.

Make any website easier to read

Making your own PDF documents more readable is great, but what if you could use Hero on any website that you visit? Here’s the good news: it’s really simple. Just download the Hero Chrome browser extension,visit your favorite website and simplify it at the click of a button, just like you’re probably doing it with this document right now.

All set?

We hope you’ll get a great start to using Hero. Look around for other features. If you have any questions, just go to the support page in order to get in touch with us and ask any questions you might have.

And now, happy reading!